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Raylin Aquino
Raylin Aquino
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Arte San Ramón

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28 April, 2022

Arte san Ramon is an Art Gallery Business with the goal of providing the finest quality custom made picture frames for the fine art trade. Creating amazing and professional high quality frames. Located at Dominican Republic

Arte San Ramón

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My responsibilities

  • Wordpress Development
  • UI Design in Adobe XD and Illustrator
  • Elementor Wordpress Website
  • Custom elements for Elementor
  • Shortcodes Wordpress
  • Development plugins and Widgets
  • Digital Ocean Server
  • Cloudflare DNS

Lenguajes & Herramientas


  • Bold
  • Black
  • Regular
  • #231f20
    Raisin Black
  • #ffffff
  • #e8e8e8

Responsive Web Design

8 out of 10 people use a mobile phone. So one of my goals is to provide a website adapted to mobile devices.

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