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Raylin Aquino
Raylin Aquino

Blue Country Jeans

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23 May, 2021

Blue Country is a clothing brand for men and women based in the Dominican Republic, which offers different types of clothing focused on Jean fabric: Pants, Sweater, Shoes, Sneakers, Tshirt and other products

Blue Country Jeans

Una breve historia

I had the opportunity to work on the BlueCountry website to solve problems that the website had in many aspects, both in terms of structure and styles. Lucy contacted me to make the corrections; they took 2 weeks to correct. Caching improvements, obsolete code, restructuring of complete areas such as home, internal sections, product-detail section and other changes were applied.


¿Como fué el proceso?

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Mis responsabilidades

  • Correcciones Generales.
  • Seguimiento con el cliente.
  • Integración completa con Wordpress.
  • Integración personalizada con Woocommerce.
  • Manejo de método de pago Cardnet
  • Desarrollo de plugins y widgets.

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