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Raylin Aquino
Raylin Aquino
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NY Beauty Suite

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18 July, 2021

NY Beauty Suite is a coworking space located in BKLYN Commons dedicated for Beauty Professionals in New York City.

NY Beauty Suite

A Quick Story

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My responsibilities

  • UI Design in Adobe XD
  • Elementor Wordpress Website
  • Custom elements for Elementor
  • Shortcodes Wordpress
  • Development plugins and Widgets
  • Digital Ocean Server
  • Cloudflare DNS

Lenguajes & Herramientas


  • Bold
  • Black
  • Regular
  • #fbf0d5
    Pearl Lusta
  • #ffffff
  • #000000

Responsive Web Design

8 out of 10 people use a mobile phone. So one of my goals is to provide a website adapted to mobile devices.

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