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Raylin Aquino
Raylin Aquino
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Brooklyn Commons

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8 January, 2021

BKLYN Commons is a Coworking Space for provider freelancers and small business owners with access to a flexible, community-driven workspace(s).

Brooklyn Commons

Una breve historia

I had the opportunity to work on the Brooklyn Commons website. At the beginning they had a version of the web, which could not offer the services or plans of internet, cable or double play, which greatly reduced the sales opportunities. It was for this reason that it was concluded to carry out a redesign with a better value proposition in order to offer the services.


¿Como fué el proceso?

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Mis responsabilidades

  • Web Design in Adobe XD.
  • Layout from scratch XD file.
  • Layout integration.
  • Follow up with the client.
  • Full integration with Wordpress.
  • Custom integration with Woocommerce.
  • Cardnet payment method management
  • Development of plugins and widgets.

Lenguajes & Herramientas


  • Bold
  • Black
  • Regular
  • #ffd500
  • #0a0000
  • #ffffff

Web adaptada a móviles

8 de cada 10 personas usan el teléfono móvil. Así que uno de mis objetivos, es proveer una web adaptada a dispositivos móviles.

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Muchas Gracias por ver el proyecto

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